Earth Deeds Update 12/4/14

It’s been a while since our last update, but it certainly hasn’t been for lack of activity.  So as to not overwhelm you, here are some quick highlights of what’s been happening with Earth Deeds:

New Website

Home page

Recognizing that, for now, we are really a consulting organization, we revamped our site to focus more on the value we offer clients and less on tools for clients to create their own Teams and Projects (we’ve been doing this for them).  Check it out and let us know what you think. On our priority list is upgrading our Search Page and developing crowd-funding tools for Projects.

New Team Members:

While Shanti Gaia and Diane Dandeneau have taken on other work obligations and shifted from staff positions into core advisor roles, David Adamson and I are very excited to welcome three new (part-time) Team Members and two new Core Advisors to our Team.  It’s really wonderful to work with such amazing people dedicated to Earth Deeds vision of supporting local solutions to global warming.  You can read more about each of them on our Team Page.

Clara Fang - Communications

Clara Changxin Fang
Communications Manager

Jeff Mazur - CFO

Jeff Mazur
Chief Financial Officer

Eli Akerstein Web Development

Eli Akerstein
Web Development







Robert Gilman Core Advisor

Robert Gilman
Core Advisor

Bob Fisher Core Advisor

Bob Fisher
Core Advisor







We’re also looking for a programmer (especially one with strong ecommerce experience) and/or designer to help further develop our website.  Contact me if you have ideas.

Gaining Traction:

At the Climate MarchCreating a new market is hard work, but we’re increasingly finding clients excited to onset their emissions and support meaningful sustainability projects.  So far, we’ve transacted around $50,000 with 10 Teams and we have over 40 prospects in our pipeline, including 11 colleges and universities!

I was also proud to hold an Earth Deeds sign while marching in the climate rally in NYC on Sept. 21 and excited to present with two of our biggest clients at two recent conferences — AASHE (with PLU) and NAFSA (with CISabroad).

New Video:

Finally, please watch and let us know what you think about our new 5-minute Overview.

Earth Deeds Overview

Watch the Video

Thanks everyone for your continued support!