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Language is important.  The words we choose can make all the difference when communicating ideas, especially when the ideas are new — like Earth Deeds.  After working with lots of possibilities, we surveyed our Advisory Committee to get their feedback on how to describe what we do in just a few words.  Informed by the insights from 38 respondents, we are moving forward with the following terms and phrases to describe Earth Deeds.

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Earth Deeds offers innovative online tools for understanding and then transforming carbon footprints through supporting sustainability projects.


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Transforming Carbon Footprints


We are using “transforming carbon footprints” to describe our primary work and avoiding connecting Earth Deeds to carbon offsetting for several reasons:

  1. The current carbon offsetting industry lacks transparency, trust, and consumer choice; is inefficient in transferring funds to projects; and is unable to work with small, local, and non-mitigating projects; and
  2. Many feel the concept of carbon offsetting is akin to buying an absolution of ones sins (aka “indulgences”), which is not a healthy or effective way to actually create sustainable societies.

We choose instead to focus on transforming our environmental impacts into positive action to create a better world.

Please let us know if you have any additional thoughts or suggestions.  Thanks again for your support!

In community,
– Daniel


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